"Call of Duty" Countdown Site Reveals Nothing, Nada, Zilch [VIDEO]

Apparently, the makers of the next Call of Duty game decided to disappoint their fans ahead of time rather than wait until after the release of their next game. There was supposed to be a big reveal at a special countdown site earlier today but the countdown became a “count up” instead.
The Call of Duty website that promised “a new era” for the first-person shooter franchise started a countdown that was scheduled to end earlier today at 11 a.m. and possibly unscramble the blurry image underneath the countdown clock. We watched as the final seconds ticked away and just as it hit “0 Days/0 Hours/0 Minutes/0 Seconds,” it kept running in the opposite direction. We just checked back at the 6 hours and 32 minutes mark and it’s still running its bizarre countdown and teasing us with that distorted image of what appears to be a massive military robot that may or may not be part of the new game.
Of course, Call of Duty fans were treated to an early reveal on Friday. Infinity Ward, the studio behind the Call of Duty games, unveiled a trailer for the new game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare starring House of Cards’ Kevin Spacey as a Frank Underwood-ish private military executive bemoaning the illusion of rights and freedom in a democracy.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFu5qXMuaJU&w=600&h=338]
It could be that Infinity Ward realized that teasing everyone with a countdown on a Sunday may have been a dumb idea and they decided to just make their big reveal on Friday instead. If so, why did they leave up the countdown page and let it run anyway? It doesn’t make sense unless the game takes place in some kind of “Bizarro World” where opposite things happen such as people saying “goodbye” instead of “hello” and video game companies revealing their new video games and then counting up the time following their big announcement.

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