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New “Call of Duty” Game Has A Villainous Kevin Spacey [VIDEO]


kevin spacey COD

The Call of Duty franchise has been lagging somewhat since it took a weird (and, some might say, weak) turn with Ghosts–but they plan to turn that around by returning to the kind of ass-kicking, bullet-spraying, tactical greatness that made them power players in the video game industry. They’ve also tapped Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey to star in their new game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The studio is set to make an official announcement this Sunday, and they’ve already released the impressive trailer for the new game.

Spacey plays some kind of futuristic warlord who rails against the concept that populations yearn for freedom from their governments. “They want boundaries, rules and protection from invaders and themselves,” he says. Holy crap! Do you know who that sounds like? They actually managed to put Frank Underwood into a video game! It’s dialogue like that that makes me worried the game might require the player to unnecessarily put down some kind of dog in the game in order to earn a “Two Kinds of Pain” achievement badge.

Of course, the Call of Duty series has backed itself into a corner. They’ve run out of time periods to turn into video games. Now the franchise appears to be returning to its roots–and throwing Spacey into the fray could be the fuel that they need to fire it back up to their glory days. The game’s motion capture technology actually captures his movements, and Spacey could bring a new level of gravitas and respect to a medium that’s slowly gaining acceptance as its own creative art form. Plus, you’ll get to shoot your friends with a dazzling array of weapons and explosives.

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