Bikini Classic "Hardbodies" Turns 30 Years Old, Still Looks Hot [VIDEO]

We know it’s Star Wars Day, and it’s also the 30th anniversary of the John Hughes teen classic Sixteen Candles, and the pioneering rap movie Breakin’ — but May 4th, 2014 also marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Hardbodies. That’s the future cable classic that had Columbia Pictures having to goof on itself for releasing a blatant bikini movie that managed to throw in a thin plot about old guys hiring a young stud to teach them how to be players.
Hardbodies turned on plenty of teens at the box office in 1984. Then it went on to multiple showings on HBO — which was the true destiny of Hardbodies, since the cheapie was originally made for Playboy’s fledgling cable channel before someone at Columbia Pictures had the very good idea to release it theatrically. Check out the original vision and ponder why nobody in Hollywood has thought to remake this ’80s classic. Hey, that gives us an idea for an article…

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