Candidate Gets Fired Because of His "Electile Dysfunction" Ad [VIDEO]

A French teacher in Ohio  is trying to unseat his district’s representative, and just lost his job over an ad that accuses his opponent of suffering from “electile” dysfunction.
J.D. Winteregg of Dayton, Ohio is mounting (no pun intended) a campaign against Rep. John Boehner–who you may recognize as the current Speaker of the House. His term is up, and the local Tea Party group is backing Winteregg to oust Boehner in the upcoming Republican primary election next month. Naturally, his election committee is throwing as many leaflets and advertisements as they can at the public to get their guy a big win.
That includes a fun little ad called “When the Moment is Right” that accuses Boehner of suffering from “electile dysfuction”–meaning a condition caused by spending too much time in Washington D.C. It’s a spot-on parody of those Cialis ads from the long list of bizarre side effects to a couple sitting outdoors in a pair of matching bathtubs.
Apparently, Winteregg’s now-former employer didn’t find it so funny. Cedarville University is a small private university east of Dayton, and has fired Winteregg because the ad doesn’t “represent the views or values of Cedarville University.” They kind of have a point. I mean, it sucks that Winteregg lost his job over this, but the ad does make us feel a little weird. We’re just glad that Winteregg never mentioned Boehner having to face any stiff competition.

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