Can You Identify The Portland Pisser? [VIDEO]

Sound the alarms  because the Portland Pisser is still out there and is probably peeing all up in your water supply as we speak. A 19-year-old was caught on a surveillance video on Wednesday at around 1 AM peeing through an iron fence into the city’s reservoir. The worst part? The city is now going to dump nearly 38 million gallons of water because of this one little bastard…

Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff said the water will be flushed because it was tainted. He went on to say that the small amount of urine poses no health risk to the public. Some people are upset about the waste of water, but Shaff seems to think it’s no big deal. He snarkily said, “”It’s easy to replace those 38 million gallons of water,” Shaff said. “We’re not in the arid Southwest; we’re not in drought-stricken parts of Texas or Oklahoma.”

The real question is who is this dude? We think the city of Portland should plaster this kid’s image all over town with a “Do Not Serve” sign. Too harsh? Perhaps. But come on, bro. Check out the video below and see if you recognize him:


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