University Of Dayton Tongue Guy Made NCAA Victory Creepy [VIDEO]

Maybe it’s not realistic to hope for “University of Dayton Tongue Guy” to become a major internet sensation, but there’s sure something memorable about this guy who felt compelled to videobomb some celebrating college gals with his weird oral antics. All this news crew was trying to do was document some big celebrations at the University of Dayton after the Flyers won over Stanford–but the poor cameraman couldn’t get away from this determined weirdo. Or maybe it was a really sexy camerawoman, and the player just wanted to showcase his seduction skills. Yeah. That’s a good a guess as any.
Anyway, we’re not surprised to see the wild students of Arizona State University going even wilder over a loss. In contrast, we guess that the University of Dayton Tongue Guy is pretty harmless. And determined. Yep, that’s him first throwing himself in front of the camera at the beginning of the video before moving on over to tongue ham it up behind those gals. So, good for him–and whatever’s good for the University of Dayton Tongue Guy is good for the University of Dayton.

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