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University of Iowa to Girls of “Girls”: Go Away Now



By this point, everyone knows HBO’s show Girls. Most of us hate it, some of us love it, but it’s definitely a show that remains being talked about constantly. Anyway, this past season ended this week with the lead character (Lena Dunham) being accepted into the University of Iowa’s Writer’s Workshop. The University of Iowa has since polietely responded with: Do not come here.

This was the actual real life response of the school when HBO asked to come film the show on campus. The Iowa Press-Citizen reports that a University spokesman confirmed that the school denied HBO’s request to shoot there, “due to potential disruption to campus.” Good for you University of Iowa, tell HBO and Lena Dunham to go f**k themselves. Mad props.

Obviously a lot of students are complaining about the school’s decision, because people love to bitch about things. Iowa, you’re a-okay in our book.

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