16 Sweet UCLA Bruins Cheerleader GIFs

What’s more fun than being cheered on by the UCLA Bruins Cheerleaders? How about getting cheery over 16 amazing GIFs of the UCLA Bruins Cheerleaders? You’re about to feel very cheery while getting inspired over one of the most inspiring squads in the Pac-12 conference. Of course, that includes the lovely cheerleaders of the University of Oregon, along with the ladies of Oregon State. And there are plenty of inspiring gals to catch up to in the current Sweet 16 cheerleaders who are marching towards March Madness.

But it’s no secret that guys always expect the exceptionally awesome from the sun-kissed beauties who populate the UCLA Bruins Cheerleaders. In fact, UCLA takes their cheering seriously enough to have declared cheerleading to be an official sport. That makes sense to us. In fact, we consider this to be that special time of year when the sport of cheerleading leads to its own March Madness.

You’re going to get awfully inspired yourself as you admire some flawless moves repeated over and over through the miracles of modern technology. Check out this generous GIFs and marvel at how the assorted Bruins can even pay attention to the game…

Creighton Cheerleader Kelsey Saddoris Covers Sports Illustrated [PICS]
Creighton Cheerleader Kelsey Saddoris Covers Sports Illustrated [PICS]
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