Creighton Cheerleader Kelsey Saddoris Covers Sports Illustrated [PICS]

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated is a great retro moment, as the magazine features Creighton University’s Craig McDermott in a recreation of a classic issue from from Nov. 28, 1977. That’s when young Larry Bird made the cover as the hottest thing out of Indiana State. That’s a lot of pressure on the Blue Jays’ Craig McDermott, but at least that cover makes for a fun experience.
And it’s made even more fun by the presence of two gals from the Blue Jays Dance Squad. Kayleigh Begley and Kelsey Saddoris do a great job of capturing their own wholesome sense of retro madness. We’re also happy to see that Kelsey Saddoris is also eager to make the cover of her own Facebook wall on a regular basis–and has a Twitter account that’s also full of pep.
We’re pretty excited to know that Kelsey and her squad is here in New York City for a game tonight at Madison Square Garden, but we can’t blame any guys for wanting to see her on assorted newsstands all over America. Of course, we’re longtime fans of the Big East cheerleaders, and always look forward to see who’s cheering as we head into the Final Four.
It looks like Sports Illustrated thinks that Craig McDermott might bring Kayleigh and Kelsey and the rest of the squad all the way. We’re sure ready to cheer them all on to victory. Now scroll down to these fine pics of Kelsey on her own (and with her squad), and see how Kelsey is the kind of old-fashioned modern beauty who’s perfect for retro fun…
Sports Illustrated

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