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University of Oregon Ducks Cheerleader Summer Camp: The Video


If the past few months had been anything like the movies that we grew up with, ¬†you could have filmed them and would’ve called the footage Crazy Cheerleader Camp Summer. Sadly, this was not to be. The good news, however, is that the cheering squads at the University of Nike Oregon were kind enough to document their hot summer months of dedicated training. It’s some impressive footage, too. In fact, it’s the best work we’ve seen from the Oregon Ducks cheerleaders since they went all Gangnam Style on us. It turns out that cheerleader camp is both hard work and a lot of fun. And if you’re like us watching this video, you’ll have plenty of fun watching the hard work.

We’re heading into a big weekend for the Oregon Duck Cheerleaders, too. This coming Saturday is the Ducks’ opening Pac-12 Division game against the University of California Golden Bears. As you can see, the Duck Cheerleaders managed to mix plenty of work and pleasure themselves during their own training season. It looks like the Oregon summers get pretty damn chilly, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had with this video–even if you miss out on all the good reality show footage where the one treacherous cheerleader is turning all the other cheerleaders against each other. To make up for that, we have male cheerleaders showing off their bare midriffs…

The Ducks are hosting the game in their insane new stadium, too. The thing is built like they’re expecting Kanye West to be playing the place all the time. The new facility costs $68 million and has a barbershop, a locker room with lockers built in Germany (you know the Germans always make good stuff), and a player’s lounge that has foosball tables with little armless men made to resemble the Ducks team. Also, there’s a private area that only 40 people can access. That might be where Kanye’s staying. Hey, check out the video of that, too. The football players sure seem impressed–but we bet they’ll be even more impressed with a look at the Ducks cheerleaders (and plenty of others) in our College Football Cheerleader Showdown

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