College Students Can’t Name U.S. Senators, Know Their “Frozen” [VIDEO]


It’s a dark day for the administration at American University in Washington, D.C.–courtesy of this video where the student body can’t manage to name a single United States Senator. Furthermore, they’re not sure exactly how many Senators are sent to represent each of the 50 states. Fortunately, they’re not asked to name the exact number of states. The good news, though, is that nearly all of the students know that Frozen‘s “Let It Go” won this year’s Academy Award for Best Original Song.

We’re not endorsing any political bent here, although we’ll note that the people shooting this video come from a conservative website. And we know that anybody could run out to any university and shoot several hours of video and find enough dopes wandering the campus to come up with a video much like this one. Still, we feel compelled to really plead with the students of American University to get their act together here. This is just embarrassing. Especially when enough college students can be found to make the COED staff feeling superior in comparison…

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