The 49ers' Jim Harbaugh Works Out with a Walrus [VIDEO]

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh seems to be trying to get himself and some team some viral traction by doing a workout with a walrus and this time, we’re not referring to some roided up linebacker with prominent upper teeth.
According to the team’s website, Harbaugh just made it back from a scouting trip in the Midwest and decided to take some downtime by visiting Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, an animal theme park and zoo that’s part of the Six Flags chain. Some of the curators of the aquatic animals exhibit let the head coach get up close and personal with Siku the Walrus and the two couldn’t help but do a little morning calisthenics. He actually gets on the ground and goes face to face with the mighty arctic beast and does a round of pushups with him risking looking silly on Youtube and possibly getting his face bitten off if he eyeballs the walrus the wrong way.
Naturally, the Internet will never be able to resist turned a cute video into a national treasure and it quickly went viral after it first popped up on Reddit. It feels a little weird when a storied franchise in any realm of life tries to go after some kind of viral glory and it doesn’t hurt anything but it just feels odd and out of place. In this case, the 49ers seem to be trying to do just that on Reddit, the latest stomping ground for viral infamy. They could do the same if they focused on winning games or maybe even another Super Bowl.

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