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Bro Casually Eats Pizza During Huge SXSW Brawl [VIDEO]


This guy just became an instant legend by continuing to enjoy his slice of pizza during a huge brawl happening all around him.

SXSW is known for awesome bands, innovative technology and great movies…but let’s go ahead and add insane street brawls to the list, as well.  This past weekend, a video was posted to WorldStar Hip Hop of an epic fight happening on Sixth Street in Austin. However, the real story here isn’t the fight itself or the insane idiots partaking in the fight. The best part of this video happens at the  :43 second mark of the video where one of the coolest bro’s ever is  scarfing down a slice of pizza and giving absolutely zero f*cks about the chaos happening around him. You just do you, bro…

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