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People Pretend To Like Fake Bands At SXSW [VIDEO]


Have you ever heard of the new female DJ Heavy Flow? If not then you must not be into cool music.

That’s apparently what some fans thought at this year’s South By Southwest festival in Austin despite that fact that there is no DJ Heavy Flow. Jimmy Kimmel sent a camera crew to the festival to ask attendees their thoughts on several fake bands. Not only did people pretend to like these bands, they also somehow had very well formed opinions about them.

The pressure to know what band is the next big thing must be pretty strong at SXSW. Why else would people make this stuff up? They must be so scared of someone making fun of them for not knowing who the Tanyas and the Hardings are. Why risk that potential embarrassment? It’s better to just pretend even if you’re talking to a camera crew.

  • COED Writer