Soccer Player Feeds Girlfriend to Dogs, Gets New Contract

It’s not just America where a sports star can go on to glory after a horrific crime–although it’s probably not too surprising that we’re talking about a soccer star here. More specifically, Brazilian soccer player Bruno Fernandes de Souza, who ordered the kidnapping and murder of his girlfriend. Now he’s been granted a work release so he can play for the team that just signed him.  He confessed to her murder last year and is currently serving time for it. According to reports, “It is alleged that [he] wanted his ex-girlfriend dead so that he could avoid paying child support, and it has also been widely reported that her remains were fed to his pet dogs.”
The 28-year-old–who once captained Brazilian giants Flamengo and was touted as a potential Brazil international–has been in prison since 2010 and confessed to the crimes in court last year. Under a provision in Brazilian law, prisoners who have shown good behavior in prison for three or four years are granted freedom to work.”
 This guy is majorly messed up. He fed his girlfriend to dogs and now he gets to go play professional soccer. What an interesting world in which we live. “We want to give an opportunity to the man Bruno,” said Ville Mocellin, the chairman of the club who signed him. “For him, it is a chance to return to play. To the club, he is an athlete who can strengthen the team and a way to invest in the social side.”
Interesting take on all this, Chairman. Clearly you have no issue with having a complete psychopath on your team. The only real provision is that he has to have a police escort at each of his matches, yeah this is definitely a good decision. 
Bravo, Brazil. You’re making our boy Michael Vick look like the nicest guy on earth.

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