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Bozo The Clown’s Grandson Trying To Make Cincinnati Reds


Trevor Bell

There are always interesting stories around baseball’s spring training. One of the best ones this spring is the story of Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bell. The name may not ring a bell but the job that his grandfather did for 24 years in Chicago may get people’s attention. Bell’s grandfather is Bob Bell, who played Bozo the Clown on WGN in Chicago from 1960-1984. Any child who grew up in Chicagoland during that time knows exactly who Bozo and Bob Bell is.

Trevor Bell has a tattoo even of his famous grandfather on his left arm and a second tattoo of a pair of clown shoes. Bell is trying to make the Cincinnati roster out of spring training after making appearances for the Los Angeles Angels during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons. Bell is now 27 years old and while he is likely not as loud as his famous grandfather was, he is well-known just for the name and the story.

Bell is using his grandfather’s work ethic as a motivation and hopefully he will make it to Cincinnati for Opening Day in two weeks. It is a story that would be great the first time the team heads to Chicago this season. Maybe he can make a trip to WGN to visit his grandfather’s TV home for two decades.

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