Jackpot: Ohio driver finds $12,000 stash of marijuana in tire

A Cleveland woman found eight pounds of marijuana in her spare tire. Let’s just say she’s riding high…very, very high.
The Ohio resident took the car she bought seven months ago to a dealership to replace a flat tire this week and learned she has been driving around with around $12,000 worth of marijuana in the spare. Mechancics at the dealership in Amherst (which is a bit west of Cleveland) made the initial discovery when they installed the spare tire and heard a “thumping” as she drove away.  According to Dennis Cavanaugh, the Chief Deputy, there was 8 pounds of marijuana that “had been wrapped in plastic.” The car was purchased in August. Thankfully, the Deputy confirmed that the woman was not to be charged with any crime and the police are now trying to trace the Marijuana back to the parts suppliers
We’re willing to gauge that whoever left that much pot in the car is quite upset. They must have been way too high to forget that much reefer. This is way past Dude, Where’s My Car? territory. Whoever this is deserves to caught or at least move to DC. And to the lucky lady who found it–if the cops hadn’t already confiscated it, we’d be sending you our numbers now.

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