The Cereal Graveyard: 40 Breakfasts Lost To Bad Sales [GALLERY]

March 7th is National Cereal Day, but we don’t see why everybody is so happy. Yes, we understand wanting to celebrate the sugary treats that got us ready for school every morning, and still provide us with vital vitamins around 3 am. But what about all the fine cereals that we crave nowadays that are no longer with us?
Those brave brands seem to always get forgotten on National Cereal Day. But not here at COED, where National Cereal Day is also National Cereal Memorial Day. We’re looking back fondly at our favorite breakfasts that are no longer on the shelves. Yes, some of these were always meant to be limited editions. That’s still no comfort. We know that any movie tie-in cereal would still be on the shelves today if the public had just woken up to the greatness of certain sugary greats.
So check out these pics–some of which will be from way before anybody’s time–and be sure to let us know if we’re wrong about any particular brand. People used to think Quisp was gone back in the pre-internet ’90s, but you could still buy it in Ohio. We used to be able to find the King Vitamin recipe packaged under a generic brand, but now that’s off the shelves.
And we know that Fruit Brute came back, but it won’t be long before that brand returns to this sad Top 40 of fabulous breakfasts. So get out a box of whatever lesser cereal you’re eating nowadays, and mournfully enjoy a few spoonfuls while wishing these were our breakfasts of today…

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