National Oreo Day: A Collection of Our Favorite Oreo Ads [Gallery]

Today is National Oreo Day today–which is right up there with Mardi Gras and Christmas here at the COED offices. You could say that every day is National Oreo Day, of course, but we’re looking back to when the first Oreo cookie was sold on March 6th, 1912. That important milestone took place in Hoboken, New Jersey, which we also love as the birthplace of baseball, Frank Sinatra, and the Lepre-Con.
To this day, no one actually knows why the cookies are called Oreos. We’d guess it has something to do with the Oreo looking like an “O.” The important thing is that Oreo is now turning 102 years old as a cookie that doesn’t just dominate the world of desserts. Oreo has also become a major voice in the world of social meda. Just check out the Oreo brand’s 35 million likes on Facebook, along with the cookie’s 298,000 followers on Twitter.
That’s all been built by the kick-ass Oreo marketing department. These geniuses of graphic design were a well-kept secret for a while. Then the company jumped in with a really great image during the infamous Super Bowl Blackout of 2013. The image went viral, and you didn’t have to love Oreos to check in to see what the brand was going to do next.
But everybody loves Oreos. We just wanted to make that clear. We know there are still some angry Hydrox fans out there, but we need to put that behind us–and celebrate the Oreo with 30 sensational graphics from the cookie’s creative coalition…

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