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Fat Tuesday Got Pretty Wild: 100 Great Instagram Pics [PHOTOS]


Today is Ash Wednesday, and we’re very happy to report that a lot of people have plenty of sins to atone for down at the church. We’re confirming that with a careful look at the Instagram pics that are left over from Fat Tuesday. The bad news is that New Orleans was freezing for the end of Mardi Gras. That means there were Mardi Gras revelers who were actually bundled up in heavy clothing.

The good news is that Fat Tuesday takes place all over the USA. You’ll find plenty of fabulous New Orleans pics here, but you’ll also recognize some other locales. There are some sexy New Orleans gals, and other gals celebrating elsewhere. We also have some guys who may not be sexy, but are sure having fun.

And maybe there are some not-so-sexy gals, but we do not judge, and sometimes gals are just kind of cute, and even more cute towards the end of a Fat Tuesday. Also, we’re pretty sure that all of the girls here are biological girls–but we have been fooled before.

We still like to think that nothing can compare to the debauchery that goes down in The Big Easy. That’s why it’s one of our Trashiest Spring Break Destinations. But here’s over a hundred pics of people becoming honorary New Orleans natives for one crazy night…

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