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Wave Hits Restaurant In Scene Worthy Of A Syfy Channel Movie [Video]



Well, mark this as an absolutely terrifying scene that could have easily been from a real life Syfy Channel movie. Yes, it was just earlier today that we were talking about Airplane vs. Volcano (or whatever it’s called). But check out what happens when a wave hits a restaurant on the California coast.

This video, in fact, shows us the exact moment a gigantic wave hits Moby Dick. That’s the Santa Barbara, California seaside restaurant that should be grateful that nothing worse happened than broken windows and drenched customers. Many locals from the California town went to the restaurant to watch the storm (even though The National Weather Service had issued a high surf advisory).

Mostly, this video looks like it could have easily come out of a disaster movie like The Day After Tomorrow or, perhaps, the build-up to when Godzilla  might appear out of the ocean and attack running people. If that wave had picked up a few sharks along the way, you’d have the basis for a pretty good movie called Seafood Restaurant Shark Attack. Anyone ever see that movie called Bait about the sharks who get picked up in a tsunami and attack people in a supermarket? It was kind of fun if you got to see it in 3D.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in this incident, although the restaurant suffered some serious damage. In addition to the damage at Moby Dick, a stretch of the oceanfront drive in Santa Cruz was shut down Saturday after a large sinkhole appeared in a cliff. Now let’s just hope (for our sake) that the surf on the East Coast stays calm.  Sharknado 2 is already shooting here in New York City, so things are hectic enough…


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