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New “Godzilla” Trailer leaves us in awe [VIDEO]



A few months ago, we were teased with a teaser trailer for the newest reboot of Godzilla and were very excited with what we were shown. However, that was nothing compared to the gift that we were blessed with today. The 2014 blockbuster comes out May 16th and is starring everyone’s favorite meth dealer Bryan Cranston (who’s basically just screaming throughout the trailer the whole time).

A lot of speculation in this 2 and a half minute trailer. A few of us over here thought that it might have looked like two different monsters in the trailer. Is there a possibility of there being an entire “Godzilla” species that was resurrected? Also, why was there footage of the Hiroshima atomic bomb? Is the idea that this is how Godzilla was originally born?

Clearly we’re more than a little amped over what some of the biggest differences are going to be in this new film. With director Gareth Edwards, best known for his critically acclaimed 2010 film Monsters, teaming up with with an acting great like Cranston, there’s great chance that the film won’t just be action fluff, but will be well developed all around. This is a trend we’ve enjoyed with reboots in the last few years (Batman and Spiderman, in particular).

This  is the Godzilla flick we all need in our lives–and let’s be honest, anything would beat 1998’s version

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