Jimmy Fallon & Paul Rudd Lip Sync Battle On “Tonight Show” [VIDEO]

The new generation of The Tonight Show marked another important milestone as Jimmy Fallon introduced his Lip Sync Battle sketch to the 11:30 crowd. He made sure that the debut would make a good impression, too, since he brought in Paul Rudd to do the honors of joining him in battle. Everybody loves Paul Rudd.

We’re thinking that this is the kind of bit that’s going to make Jimmy Fallon a hit with the older Tonight Show crowd, too. It’s fun and offbeat without being arch or ironic. It’s actually the kind of thing that Steve Allen would’ve done back when he was hosting the Tonight Show back in the 1950s. Not that anyone watching Steve Allen back then is still alive today–or at least watching the Tonight Show. If we’re wrong, please contact us. We’d love to meet someone who’s been watching the Tonight Show for seven decades.

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