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Changes Are Coming to Xbox One’s Main Interface [VIDEO]


xbox one dashboard

The Xbox One is due for another update in March that includes a bunch of additions and features to players’ dashboards and friend features.

Microsot’s Major Nelson and engineer Richard Irving took Xbox One fans through the upcoming features that will be downloaded to their consoles when the update is released sometime in March. The most notable additions to the console’s main interface will be in how they find their friends and set up chats and matches with them in upcoming games like Titanfall and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

The team chat function will automatically be on when players access multiplayer matches so you won’t have to fumble through a series of preference screens to make sure your teammates can hear you. You’ll also be able invite your friends to party and game matches much easier starting with the way you find them. You’ll be able to prioritize your friends list by favoring your “favorites” that will bump them to the top of the list and you can search for them by name in a search engine with an autocorrect feature that pops up certain friends’ names as you type them. You can also use special shortcuts to send party and game invitations that reduce the number of screens you have to go through to send them out and all multiplayer meetups will automatically go to the game’s multiplayer when you accept an invitation.

It’s nice to see Microsoft being a little more proactive with their console updates and tweaks before they become serious problems. Let’s hope they have the stamina to keep it going once the console has enough games and a lower price to attract an even wider audience of gamers.

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