ASU Gets Set For Condom Olympics Because…Well, It's ASU

Arizona State University plans to hold a health fair next week–and part of the festivities will include something they are calling the “Condom Olympics.” Because condoms are important. And because condoms are particularly important at ASU. As we’re reminded whenever we mull over hot pics from America’s favorite party school, like we did here, here, and here.
The college’s campus health services office plans to hold the games in conjunction with their annual Sexual Health Resource Fair in the hopes that students can learn about practicing safe sex, especially in a place like college where students learn more about sexual education in their dorm rooms than they ever could in an actual classroom.
It seems, however, that they aren’t above having a sense of humor about it since the event’s mascot is a giant, 6-foot tall condom named (I kid you not) Mr. Condom who will handing out free rubbers and posing for pictures that are sure to get students’ parents to never look at social media ever again. Also, it’s not an Olympiad without sporting events, and the Condom Olympics has plenty of those in store such as the condom wrapped egg toss and a condom scavenger hunt.
They’re even offering attendees to make some beautiful arts with their prophylactic painting supplies and display them in their condom art gallery. We’re presuming that they will also offer the students the chance to compete in the 100-meter suppressed laughter. Most of all, we’re hoping that the Condom Olympics will provide a really great run on the fabulous ASU Confessions Twitter feed. Don’t let us down, students…

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