The 50 Sexiest ASU Undie Run Photos of All-Time

Tonight marks the 5th annual ASU Undie Run, a charity event that’s about as awesome as it sounds. It involves over 15,000 ASU students gathering in one spot wearing clothes, then stripping into their undies, donating said clothes to charity, partying with their fellow classmates, and then going on a short run.

There are a few schools that partake in the Undie Run but it doesn’t take much of an imagination to understand why ASU’s is the best. Have you seen the chicks from ASU? They’re incredible. I feel like all these girls do (well the ones you’d want to hang with) is tan out by the pool during the day and party through the night.

Whatever, back to the girls in underwear. In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the ASU Undie Run, here are 50 of our favorite photos from years past.

If you’re interested in photos from this year’s run, follow the Undie Run of Facebook. I’m sure they’ll be the first to post ’em.

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