This Week in ASU Awesomeness [36 PHOTOS]

The internet loves ASU, and for good reason. It seems like every single week there’s a story related to an awesome ASU pool party, naked women running around campus, the beautiful students who make up Tempe12, or something else that definitely didn’t happen at the school you went to. Sometimes it’s OK to admit that you made a mistake, like right now while you’re wishing that you had looked westward to go to school.

To add insult to injury, those stories are a pretty accurate representation of what’s actually going on at ASU. A quick check of Instagram (#ASU) and our new favorite Twitter account (@ASUConfessions) reveals some pretty crazy stuff ranging from students tattooing Kanye’s name on their arms to hot chicks doing wild stuff.

You get one guess as to which of those two types of photos we’ve included below. Just another week in ASU awesomeness.

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