Lady Thrown Off Delta Flight After Thrown Out Mile High Club [VIDEO]

A lady was reportedly arrested and thrown off a Delta Airlines flight between Baltimore and Salt Lake City after she became irate when the male passenger sitting next to her wasn’t interested in having sex. That’s the lady in the picture above. Yeah. You know, we’re pretty fond of all kinds of women here at COED, including some lovely soft butch types, but we’re thinking that even your average COED staffer might have turned down the opportunity to check into the Mile High Club with this particular dame.
No, we’re serious–also because the lady is being quoted as screaming that she would “f**king kill” the guy who turned down her advances. She might have meant that literally. Furthermore, she was drunk, and the woman also seems to have committed the ultimate sin of following up being rejected by loudly complaining that the guy, in fact, was the person who was actually guilty of acting inappropriately.
Yes, it’s all a great distance from our airplane fantasies of sexy stewardesses and fly gals. We did sit in a plane next to a porn star once, though. She was nice–but probably because we waited until we were at baggage claim to politely introduce ourselves. Politely introducing ourselves wasn’t really the big sexual fantasy, though. We’re pretty sure that some poor guy trying to get to Salt Lake City has also had a few sexual fantasies ruined, though. But kudos to you if you can watch this video and get some sexy thoughts going…

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