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Happy Anniversary, Pan Am! Thanks for the Sexy Stewardesses! (70 Pics!)


65 years ago today, Pan American Airways launched its first around-the-world flight–which also launched the start of the Jet Set, which launched the icon of the Sexy Stewardess. It took a few decades for those fabulous flight attendants to become real sex symbols, of course, but it wasn’t long before guys in business class were dreaming of stewardesses asking, “Coffee, tea, or me?” On this Father’s Day, let’s be thankful that our fathers got to enjoy some friendly skies. We’re also grateful to the men of Pan Am for giving us the stewardess as a symbol of real glamour. It really kills us that there’s no longer a Pan Am building as part of the Manhattan skyline. We’re also sorry that theĀ Pan Am TV series from last year got canceled, but it really wasn’t very good. Here’s something much better…

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