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Super Bowl XLVIII Reenacted in LEGOs [VIDEO]



The Guardian recreated last Sunday’s blowout of a football game (aka Super Bowl XLVIII) using nothing but LEGOs. So now you can enjoy every key moment from Seattle’s victory—and intentionally laugh at Peyton Manning’s adorable moments of pure fail.

The video doesn’t feature every moment of the big game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks but it does do a good job of hitting the highlights such as the unbelievable, record breaking safety that Seattle scored after the game’s first 12 seconds when Manning failed to catch a snap and every subsequent nail in the Broncos’ coffin of hope. It’s actually a lot cuter to watch when it’s being done by LEGOs. You expect LEGO figurines to fumble the ball and give it away more because they’re hands are really just sea clamps that don’t close all the way. It would be way more embarrassing to watch such a loss if the Broncos’ players had, say, opposable thumbs…

Of course, the Guardian‘s timing couldn’t be better, since we’re just a day away from the release of the world’s first feature length movie made entirely out of LEGOs. That would beĀ The LEGO Movie–starring the voices of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman. It’s a shame that Warner Bros. doesn’t have time to go back and add a bumbling Manning figurine into the plot. At least someone would be paying Manning to intentionally drop things on camera.

And you can check out some of the other characters in this “Behind the Bricks” featurette…

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