The Coolest Skeleton Helmets From The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics [PHOTOS]

Some things in Sochi–like the amazing Skeleton helmets 2014 Winter Olympic racers started sliding in today–are not broke. In fact, it’s now clear that what we’re going to see from the sport is going to be nothing short of spectacular. From helmets, I mean, the wipeouts were always going to be great.
Deadspin reported that the athletes had taken to the track today to practice in unofficial runs. The photos you see here were taken during those practice runs. As you can tell, the fact that “sliders” (as they’re known) have to go down the track headfirst gives them an excellent opportunity to bring their own style and flavor to the sport. We’re sure that the powers-that-be behind Skeleton are absolutely delighted that these crazy people also have an eye for what looks good, just as the hockey people love a good goalie mask.
It’s a safe bet that the fast speeds, dangerous crashes, and sweet helmets are going to make Skeleton sliding one of the more popular sports this Winter. Special props go to the Canadian team for having some of the cooler-looking helmets.

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