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    I wonder if this guy is actually a college lacrosse player? If so, this is probably the largest amount of people he's ever had cheering for him.

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    Daily Snapshot is our round-up of the day’s hottest women on the web. In today’s edition, we feature Jordan Carver's guide to Oktoberfest, Jenn Brown's wedding announcement, some hot photos from Layla's recent shoot, Lindsay Lohan celebrating her new job all around Milan, Maxim's Girl of the Day Whitney Cummings, Jilissa Lynn goes Girl-on-Girl, and Rihanna gets boobtastic in her new music video. Check out the hotness after the jump!

  • Colossal Cleavage Collection: Oktoberfest 2011 Edition [114 PHOTOS]

    Oktoberfest runs from September 17th - October 3rd. If you've ever seen Beerfest then you know Oktoberfest is a beer drinker's paradise. Last year's attendees enjoyed about 7.1 million liters of beer and 89,000 liters of wine while losing 4,000 items including 260 pairs of glasses, 200 cell phones, and 500 crutches. CRUTCHES! That's dedication, Holmes. Anyway, we always lose our self-control when we see the slew of St. Pauli girls poppin' outta their tops carrying massive steins of brew. You will, too, once you see our photo gallery of busty beer maidens from the festival. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • 92 Oktoberfest Bier Maidens Making Out

    Gentlemen, Oktoberfest 2010 is finally upon us. That means 16 straight days, of beer, babes, beer, fun and beer... and did we mention girls kissing other girls while getting drunk on beer? Needless to say no other holiday so thoroughly satisfies our greatest desires like this busty babe and beer-filled festival. So grab your clogs, your beer steins, and get ready for 92 Oktoberfest Bier Maidens Making Out.

  • The Beers of Fall

    The leaves are slowly beginning to change, and so are the seasonal beers, switching from wheat and fruit inspired brews into darker, warmer flavors. Whether it's a pumpkin ale, Oktoberfest, or brown ale, there's more than enough exciting choices to browse on your next visit to the liquor store. The end of summer might be a bummer, but any of these brews are sure to help you forget about bikinis and beaches.

  • Want To Watch Football & Keep Your Man Card? Go Here!

    The weather is cooler, the sun sets sooner, and most men are glued to the TV set all day Saturday and Sunday watching football. It must be Fall once again. So, as men, how do we avoid getting in trouble for watching TOO much football and not paying enough attention to your better half? Simple - have a vacation ready to book when your special someone starts to feel neglected (and when your team's on a bye week). The following fall destinations come highly recommended by the COED staff .

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    Gentlemen, it's time for Oktoberfest 2009! That means 16 straight days, of beer, babes, beer, fun and beer! Needless to say no other holiday so thoroughly satisfies our greatest desires like this busty babe and beer-filled festival. So grab your clogs, your beer steins, and get ready for 101 Buxom Oktoberfest Beer Babes!

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