Chris Brown

  • Chris Brown Is Bragging About How He Lost His Virginity At Age 8

    Not sure if we believe him, but we'll let you decide for yourself.

  • Dancing for Dummies: A 5-Step Guide

    All you’ll ever need, friend, is your drink and your two-step.

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  • Yes, This Rihanna Vs Chris Brown Nothing But Hits MTV Moment Happened [PIC DUMP]

    The only thing easier than making Chris Brown jokes is punching women in the face.…

  • Drunken A–hole In London Really Takes Rihanna Down A Peg Or Two [PHOTO]

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  • Chris Brown Saves The City Fighting Female Supervillains [VIDEO]

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  • In The Mixtape: Fallon’s Pearl Jam Linsanity, DMX’s Return, Diddy’s Dunk Assist [VIDEOS]

    Last week, Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" edged out Foo Fighters' "Rope" and Grouplove's "Spun" to win top Song of the Week honors. In this week's Mixtape, we take a look at Chris Brown & Rihanna's controversial collabos, DMX's return, Jimmy Fallon's spoof of Pearl Jam's "Jeremy", Lil Wayne's signing of Limp Bizkit, and tracks from Alabama Shakes and Sharon Van Etten. Click through to read, listen, and vote.

  • Freaky Friday: Chris Brown Horse Humped, Molester Woody, Cyclops Girl [17 PHOTOS]

    Last week, we showed you a cat that looks like John Lennon or Harry Potter depending on your age, smiling rocks, Twiligh…

  • In the Mixtape: Bonnaroo Lineup, Chris Brown’s Pick Up Line, Green Day’s New Album

    Blue by First Aid Kit, It's So Hard by Big Pun, Hol' Up by Kendrick Lamar TIED for top song of the week honors in our last edition of "In the Mixtape". This week's release features tracks from the late great Whitney Houston, Alanis Morissette, Foo Fighters, Grouplove, and Broken Social Scene. Music Man Al Jones takes a look at the Bonnaroo lineup, DMB's upcoming tour, Green Day's upcoming album, and the ridiculousness that is Chris Brown. Click to read more and to vote for your favorite song!

  • The 24 Biggest ‘Best New Artist’ Snubs in Grammy History

    Best New Artist is one of those awards that can be hit or miss. It reminds me of our Emerging Hotties list – you stack…

  • In The Mixtape: RIP Whitney Houston, S’Cowell’s X-Employees, Converse Kicks It

    Last week, Fiona Apple edged out Ellie Goulding to take Top Song of the Week honors. This week, we feature tracks from First Aid Kit, Sharon Van Etten, Kendrick Lamar, Big Pun, and Electric Guest along with a look back at the passing of Whitney Houston, Simon Cowell's cuts, and a peek ahead at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Click to get in the mixtape.

  • Janelle Monae’s Wondaland, Chris Brown’s Back, Chiddy Bang’s Ray Charles [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, we had a tie between And It Spread by The Avett Brothers and Drake's Crew Love. Just goes to show how diverse our listening palate's are at COED. In this week's edition of Al Jones' SOTW, we feature tracks from Janelle Monae, Wild Flag, Chris Brown, Chiddy Bang, and Blitzen Trapper. Take a listen then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • Wrap It Up: PETA’s Launching A Porn Site Edition

    In today's edition of Wrap It Up, PETA's starting its own porn site, the Raiders selected Terrelle Pryor in the supplemental draft, Raiders fans brawled with 49ers followers, Brad Pitt's assistant is super hot, Joe Namath loves wet cheerleaders, freshman move-in day at Penn State looks fun, the world's fastest electric car torches a Maserati, Bruce Wayne has some fun with a telemarketer, Andy Levy apologizes to Chris Brown, marriage makes women fat, alligator-chickens and much more. Check out the sh*t we should've published after the jump.

  • Kid Cudi’s Mojo, tUnE-yArDs’ Bizness, My Boo Ain’t You [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, Nelly's "Country Grammar" captured the crown for Song of the Week barely edging out Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help From My Friends" and A Tribe Called Quest's "Bugging Out". This week's featured songs come from Ghost Town DJs, Chris Brown, tUnE-yArDs, Kid Cudi, and Robyn, See which tracks made the cut and vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • Buggin’ Out, Cocker’s Wonder Years, Nelly’s Hot Sh*t, Big Sean’s Last [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, the Boss squeaked by with "Jungleland" taking just 33% of your votes. This week, we feature tracks from A Tribe Called Quest, Big Sean, Nelly, Company of Thieves, and Joe Cocker. Check out why our music man Al Jones picked 'em, take a listen, then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • Stevie Wonder’s Do, Civil War Friends, Pitbull’s Pick Up Line [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

    Last week, Sublime's "Summertime" beat out DJ Khaled's "On One" to earn Song of the Week honors. This week, we feature tracks from Stevie Wonder, the Civil Wars, Chris Brown, Pitbull, and Bon Iver. Read why our music man Al Jones picked 'em, take a listen then vote for your favorite after the jump!

  • The Miami Heat’s Post-Game Locker Room Playlist According to Twitter

    Last night, the Mavs avenged their '06 Finals loss to the Heat with a decisive Game 6 victory over the Big Three in Miami for their first NBA title. It seems everyone and their Delonte West-banging mother rooted agaisnt the cHeat, painting Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh like immature, taunting, childish, crybaby super villains. We feel Twitter is always a good measuring stick / barometer for public reaction, so it's no surprise that #heatlockerroomplaylist is trending. People are more pumped to see the Heat lose than the Mavs win. We sifted through the piles of suggestions to come up with the best of the best. Take a listen then suggest your own in the comments section below our partner links after the jump shot.

  • The John Madden Scale Of Rating Women

    • This is how John Madden rates women • The 9 Biggest Sports Meltdowns And Blowups • CollegeHumor's "We Ruined This Bar" (Ke$ha Parody) • Chris Brown Loses His Sh*t On Good Morning America • The 10 Greatest Comedy Roast Moments • 10 Priceless Yahoo! Questions And Answers From 2011 • Come For The Whopper, But Stay For The Beatdown See more links after the jump!

  • New Music: Chris Brown ft Pitbull – International Lover

    Chris Brown has teamed up with Pitbull on a new song called "International Lover." Keep in mind this is a leak which is a little rough and unmastered but if you crank up your bass you'll get a good first listen to a song that will be on repeat at the clubs over the next few months. Stream it here | Download it here

  • Class of 2008 Homecoming Party Playlist

    2008 was a tough year for a lot of people as the subprime mortgage crisis from the year before really started taking effect. While most people were upset and depressed, Michael Phelps helped to keep America's spirits high by winning 8 Olympic gold medals in one summer. The world's largest haldron collider is finally completed and used at CERN. On the other side of the world, a series of terrorist attacks effectively shut down the whole city of Mumbai. We also had the death of Heath Ledger and his unbelievable performance in The Dark Knight. Movies weren't the only thing popping off though, as TI would show the world that jail couldn't stop him from being one of the greatest rappers in the game. Check out this class's suggested playlist after the jump.

  • 5 Most Current Felonious Musicians

    Felonious musicians are great. Why waste time creating 'musical art' and hoping for some slither of critical acclaim when you can just load your pockets up with Class A contraband and get arrested. Here's five choice ditties from recent rockin' rebels.