Floyd Mayweather Training Soulja Boy For Boxing Match Is Typical Floyd Mayweather

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have been going at it for days on Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else but real life. But now it looks like all of that is going to change, because apparently Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are going to enter the boxing ring to hash things out man to man.
During the heated exchanges, Chris Brown told his boxing friend Adrien Broner to “warm up the ring” on Instagram because he wanted to put Soulja Boy to sleep… legally. For his part, Soulja Boy¬†actually went and initially apologized to Chris Brown, telling the world via social media that his mother was in the hospital and that he had been acting out because of that. He told his fifteen followers or whatever that he wanted to end the “beef.”

And that all changed this morning when Soulja Boy doubled up on his Chris Brown insults, telling the world that he wasn’t like Rihanna and that he wasn’t finned to be knocked out by anyone, especially not Chris Brown. So the boxing match is on. For now. And if Chris Brown is being trained by Adrien Broner, Soulja Boy needs someone to get him right in the ring…
Enter Floyd Mayweather aka the guy who has zero problem being the bad guy as long as it means he gets to make some money on the side. Like, there’s no doubt in my mind that both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are both abhorrent people, but if you had to choose one to be friends with, you’re choosing Chris Brown. So it makes perfect sense that Floyd Mayweather will step in to not only promote the fight, but to make sure that Soulja Boy’s abilities are good enough for pay-per-view.


Watching that video, you can almost tell that Floyd knows Soulja is a fugazi, but that he’s excited to make some cash. He never says that Soulja Boy will win, he never says anything about Chris Brown, he just smiles and says, “We gonna get that money.”
Now for the real question. Do I think that this fight is actually going to happen? Hell no. Hell to the no. Unless WorldstarHipHop has a way to make PPV fights happen, no one is going to pick this up. But that’s not stopping the hype, is it?


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