Chris Brown & Lil Wayne Reportedly Linked to Federal Drug Case

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are reportedly being investigated as targets in a federal drug investigation. Harrison Garcia, a Miami music producer, is currently on trial in the case and Garcia reportedly was connected to the rappers after he uploaded pictures on Instagram with them. The feds believe Brown and Wayne were involved with Garcia.
The investigation is said to involve thousands of dollars of drugs, along with lean. Supposedly, there was a $15,000 wire transfer from Garcia to Brown last year, allegedly for the narcotics. Brown definitely doesn’t have the cleanest rap sheet, considering everything that went down with his ex, Rihanna.
Garcia was first arrested back in October and he said that he sold “a lot of narcotics” to Lil Wayne. This was from a federal agent’s testimony. So much for not ratting out your “boys.” It seems Garcia has been spilling plenty of information to the feds.
Brown and Wayne could be in some deep shit here. To read more on the story, check out the full details on TMZ.

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