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    Girls can pop a squat that quickly? Kind of disturbing. At least she wiped.

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    Hey, it's nice to see something get broken in hockey that isn't a player's face.

  • Saudis Know How To Celebrate (It’s With Machine Guns, They Do It With Machine Guns) [VIDEO]

    "Alright... Who's the prankster who flew over the compound with a blimp painted like the American flag? Ha! Good one! But seriously, guys. Let's get out of here before the bullets come down and dent our luxury sedans."

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  • Peter Dill Is The Best Bench Warmer In College Basketball [VIDEO]

    Peter Dill is every high school coach's dream, he's a benchwarmer who gives a 110% for every celebration he makes. I'm not sure who brought him to ESPN's attention, but they did a minute and a half segment on this dude. He flat out brings it to each and every game: rocking the Hammer of Thor, the gambling dice, a retarded Dougie, they're all part of his arsenal. If this guy isn't laying pipe on chicks after this, there is no God.

  • 5 Holiday Beers Yule Love!

    Though the "holiday season" ranks lower than St. Patty's Day and Cinco de Mayo in terms of top drinking holidays, we at COED tend to think it's the longest lasting drinking holiday. While others get 24 hours to flex their beer muscles, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus collectively occupy a month's worth of partying. After that first week, you'll get tired of the same old sh*t. So, why not snatch up some of these delectable holiday brews?

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