National Beer Lover's Day: What You Need To Know About

National Beer Lover’s Day is an unofficial holiday in American culture where men and women can join together in their mutual appreciation for the alcoholic beverage consumed by millions of Americans each day. Not to be confused with National Beer Day which is celebrated on April 7, National Beer Lover’s Day is observed each year on September 7. National Beer Day is celebrated on the anniversary of the Cullen-Harrison Act (Beer Permit Act) which legalized the sale of low ABV drinks at the tail end of American Prohibition in 1933. This sacred date reminds American’s of a time when beer could not be enjoyed at will, allowing for an even greater appreciation of the drink. Five months later, however, is America’s other beer related holiday, though this one is dedicated to the avid drinkers rather than the refreshment itself. National Beer Lover’s Day marks a more personal holiday that allows the millions of beer lovers to convene at their local watering hole and sip on their beloved beverage in the company of others who share a mutual respect for ales, lagers, and IPAs.

The History of Beer in America

The brewing of beer has been around since the first men and women settled in America during the 16th century. Beer was prevalent in areas where the water was unsafe to consume, as the fermentation process of brewing got rid of any unwanted microbes in the water. Though there is a record of Native American’s brewing beer, the introduction of barley to the process can be traced to British and Dutch settlers in the Americas. British Ale dominated the American beer industry during the colonial period. It wasn’t until a massive influx of German immigrants in the 18th-century that lagers became popular due to a longer shelf life than traditional ales. Though America’s history with beer has roots into our colonial past, the passing of the 18th amendment in 1919 created a new, dry period in American history. Prohibition, in retrospect, seems drastically antithetical to American values. It took legislators fourteen years before the repeal of prohibition in 1933. Ever since this amendment to the constitution was repealed, beer has grown to become a part of American culture and a major player in the US economy. There are more than 3,000 breweries in America; and with the trend toward microbreweries and independent beer production, that number will undoubtedly increase in the coming years. Beer is a multi-billion dollar industry in America. It is easy to see why there are multiple annual holidays celebrated by Americans in commemoration of this glorious drink.

Beer Memes

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