Mother’s Day 2021: 4 Alternative Ways To Celebrate

Why is Mother’s Day only celebrated once a year when it should be celebrated 365 days of the year. It is more than just giving flowers and a card to our moms, rather than thanking them for all the work and time they have given us throughout our lives. They work hard to lead by example, teach us right from wrong and still manage to work to place food on the table for families everywhere. While the pandemic is slowly coming to an end, many mothers fear of catching the disease, here are alternative ways to celebrate.


I’m sure we all have been used to this app at this point. We use it for online classes, jobs, conferences and so on. It has become a staple of our everyday life throughout the past year. What makes this app better than Skype and other video call applications is the accessibility and number of people allowed to join one call. Zoom is very user friendly and very easy to maneuver. Sure, it is everyone on a computer screen put it allows everyone to be together at once. It is also free with a subscription for those who would want it.

6 April 2020. Istanbul / Turkey. Smartphone showing Zoom Cloud Meetings app,



This app is a bit under the radar but slowly has gained traction throughout the past couple of years. Padlet is an easy and free tool that allows people to type out whatever they would like. All they would need is the link to do so. Many have done this last year for birthdays and having that app act as a birthday card or simply for educational purposes. Padlet brings the typed letter a bit closer to home as it is set up like a collage format. It is a bit hard to get used to at first but easy to understand its features.



If you are like me, you probably watched a plethora of movies and television series during quarantine. What made things a bit better was the use of watch parties where you and your friends or family can stream the same movie and television series at the same time. For those families that would like to take it easy, Teleplay is a great option. This allows people to video or text chat while watching a movie or television series and all you need is a link to do so. It brings the family movie watching a little closer.

A Big Banner

Moms love gifts that come from the heart. Which is why the traditional banner with a drawing and words are a fantastic idea. It allows that receiver to be six feet away and it is up to the unexpected reaction by Moms. There is no limit to your imagination, you can make it as colorful and fun as you want. It shows that you care and that you took time and effort into making their day a little more special.

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