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  • Celebrate National Pig Day With Bacon [PHOTOS]

    The day is finally upon us! Happy National Pig Day! National Pig Day was founded by sisters Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne R…

  • Japanese Fast-Food Chain Creates Bacon Cubes

    The end of the world as we know it is called into consideration when the Japanese start one-upping the United States in ma…

  • Hungry For A Heart Attack? Try These Doritos Locos Tacos Wrapped In Melted Cheese Bacon

    Thank the Lord of Diabetes this isn’t currently sold by Taco Bell and is not on the market anywhere else. Some rand…

  • 10 of the Most Disturbing Paula Deen Quotes Ever

    Paula's always been a bit of a nut bag.

  • Marijuana Bacon Is Now A Real Thing Thank You Sweet Lord [VIDEO]

    Pot Pig. Stoned Swined. Baked Babe. I can go on forever, but nothing will describe how amazing this really is. Seattle bu…

  • Bacon-Flavored Condoms Are The Next Great Bacon Invention

    Comedian Carrie Snow once remarked “If God were a woman, sperm would taste like chocolate.” As brilliant…

  • Make Valentine’s Day Manly With Deep-Fried, Bacon-Wrapped Conversation Hearts

    Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. It means a lot of horrible things: either you have a significant other and you&…

  • The 10 Greatest Bacon Innovations of 2012

    The great thing about bacon is that it truly is a perfect food. Even if you take away its awesome flavor and the orgasmic sm…

  • Screw Chestnuts, Here’s Over 30 Minutes Of Bacon Roasting On An Open Fire [VIDEO]

    We’re just a “smell-o-net” away from this being the perfect virtual fireplace for your holiday ge…

  • Beer And Bacon Battered Deep Fried White Castle Sliders Look Awesome, Of Course…

    We've become desensitized to crazy food. I saw these beer and bacon battered deep fried White Castle sliders and I didn't even flinch. Well, I mean, I flinched in the sense of thinking, "Wow, that looks f***ing amazing" was my first visceral reaction. But I didn't flinch in the sense that I wasn't immediately filled with shock. He used cheeseburger sliders by the way. Did I mention that? So each bite...

  • Bacon Shortage ‘Internet Hoax’ Proves People Actually Do Lie on the Internet

    I don't know which emotion is more powerful--my relief that the bacon shortage was just a hoax or my disappointment that people actually twist words around on the internet.

  • Burger King Bacon Sundae Party! It’s The Chewiest Sundae Ever!

    Bacon Sundae fever is sweeping America! Or at least it’s sweeping midtown Manhattan after COED went and placed t…

  • Burger King’s Bacon Sundae: A New Treat For Obese America

    “Yuuuuuuck!” (This might be your reaction when hearing about Burger King’s new bacon sundae.) Yo…

  • Yes This Creepy Seal-Horse Happened [25 PHOTOS]

    I don’t know where these horse heads came from, but I’m a huge fan. Whether they’re on seals, people…

  • The Monday Stumble: Young Chewbacca, Pinocchio The Meth-Head, Nazi Windmill [PHOTOS]

    No matter how positive you are, Mondays blow goats. No matter what you do, you just can’t get motivated to do anything pro…

  • Are These 40 Bacon Tattoos Hot Or Not?

    Yesterday we showed you 120 things that are made better by bacon, but we failed to include actual people's skin. The people that get bacon tattoo'd on their actual person are true connoisseurs of the food, but is that going too far. Hypothetical question: "Would you not pork a girl because she's got bacon inked onto her skin? Personally, I can understand some other whacky tattoos but this one would be overkill. Check out the most sizzling examples for yourself and let us know what you think. Photos after the jump!

  • These 120 Things Are Made Better By Bacon

    You might have heard the phrase "Cheddar Makes It Better," but cheese ain't got nothin' when it comes to beggin bacon. That's right, there's a host of stuff made instantly better with bacon: mayonnaise, cupcakes, ice cream and even Skyrim helmets. It goes without saying that the pig is going to make anything it touches better, so we're only limited by our imagination. Here are 120 ground-breaking inventors and philosophers who have tried to bring the diet-staple into every aspect of our lives. Check out their ideas after the jump!

  • 40 Bacon Tattoos: Sizzling Hot or Not?

    We all know bacon makes everything better, well maybe not everything. But one thing is for sure, Some people's love for bacon goes way beyond the norm when it comes to food. Sometimes so far beyond that they wear it on their sleeve (or their ass as the case may be) in the form of a tattoo. So we want to know, when it comes to bacon, are pork tattoos sizzling hot or not?

  • 120 Things Made Better With Bacon [PICS]

    Remember that old school Beggin' Strips commercial featuring the dog going banana-pants over what he thinks is bacon? That's how we COEDitors feel every time we catch a whiff of its tantalizing aroma. Though we have no f'n clue why, bacon is the cure-all for any dish or delicacy in need of improvement. In the past couple years, it seems more and more companies are catching on to this phenomenon and are adding bacon to literally everything - gumballs, mayonnaise, cupcakes, ice cream, popcorn, vodka - even to products that aren't edible AND websites! Well, here are 120 more things that are better with bacon. Try not to eat your screen.

  • Fact: 20% of Teens Post Nude Pics Online

    Here is some scientific information for you to ponder. 1,280 teenagers were recently surveyed and 1 in 5 said they have posted nude pictures or videos to the internet. Most said they sent the pictures to a "boyfriend or girlfriend" but 15% said they sent pictures to someone they knew only online. Make me think NBC needs to bring back To Catch a Predator ASAP.

  • How To Cook: Pasta Carbonara

    So, you're a busy guy that doesn't know a thing about preparing a decent pasta dish. Don't fret -- here is one of the easiest, if not the easiest and most filling pasta dishes around: Pasta Carbonara.

  • 5 Foolproof Breakfast Ideas

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there's no reason that you should spend it eating nothing but stale cereal and questionably old milk. Learn how to cook a few breakfast basics and you'll be sure to impress your stomach, as well as your friends. And maybe you'll even be able to convince that special someone to spend the day in bed with you.

  • Banned Dorm Room Cooking Secrets

    Porn Star and Rock Star not working out? Be The Next Dorm Room Cooking Star with these HOT, and very likely Totally Illegal Guerrilla Cooking Tactics!

  • Scientology’s 5 Newest Celebrity Recruits

    • Scientology's 5 Newest Celebrity Recruits Paula Abdul Holds Up Well • Bath Tub Threesome (NSFW ads) • Who Loves Bacon • College Girls Show Off Hot Bods • Another Reason To See Transformers 2