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  • Ashley Borden: Miss COED

    Ashley is a gorgeous 20-year-old model living in Indianapolis.

  • Cara Tiene: Miss COED

    Cara is a beautiful 24-year-old agency model who's representing for Detroit, MI.

  • Samantha Hill: Miss COED

    Samantha is a gorgeous 23-year-old model currently living in Springfield, IL.

  • Giuli Abate: Miss COED

    Giuli is a beautiful 20-year-old model from Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Elizabeth Morgan Wins Miss COED September 2013 [PHOTOS]

    Not only is Elizabeth Morgan the sexiest nursing student in the country, she's also just earned the title of Miss COED September 2013.

  • Victoria Vertuga: Miss COED

    Victoria is a beautiful blonde actress/model currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Amber Leigh Patin: Miss COED

    She claims to be new to the modeling industry but you'd be hard pressed to find another newcomer with the same looks and confidence of Amber.

  • Kaitlan Welton: Miss COED

    Kaitlin is a gorgeous 23-year-old model/actress splitting her time between Ann Arbor, MI and Los Angeles.

  • Victoria Lake: Miss COED

    Victoria is a gorgeous 22-year-old Sicilian model currently living in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Cambria Joy: Miss COED

    Cambria is a gorgeous and fun-loving 20-year-old model.

  • Hope Stone: Miss COED

    Hope is a gorgeous 21-year-old living in New York City.

  • Jessica Ashley: Miss COED

    Jessica is an absolutely gorgeous (and smart) brunette coming to you from Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Who Should Be Miss COED September 2013? [PHOTOS + POLL]

    You had to make some hard decisions this summer (what to grill, when to open your first beer, where to go, etc.) but none of…

  • Natasha Pierce: Miss COED

    Natasha is a beautiful blonde model hailing from Shelbyville, Indiana.

  • Elizabeth Morgan: Miss COED

    Elizabeth is a beautiful redhead model currently living in New Brooklyn (aka Austin).

  • Sarai Rollins: Miss COED

    Sarai is a beautiful blonde model hailing from Malibu, CA although now you're more likely to catch her at the airport traveling than you will back at home.

  • Alyx Bien: Miss COED

    You might not be able to tell from her looks and size but in addition to modeling Alyx is an accomplished chef and avid lover of food.

  • Danielle Leach: Miss COED

    Danielle is a sexy 22-year-old model currently living in Rocklin, California.

  • Celeste Jo Hughes: Miss COED

    Celeste is a beautiful and fit model currently living in Springfield, IL.

  • Vanessa Jade: Miss COED

    Vanessa’s living proof that gingers really do everything better.

  • Breanna Deliseo: Miss COED

    Breanna's a big fan of having fun with her friends (one of whom is Lauren Hanley) and just moved from her home in Ft. Lauderdale to pursue her career in modeling.

  • Arielle GT: Miss COED

    Arielle is a gorgeous 23-year-old model who’s currently living in North Bergen, NJ.

  • Rosie Bulan: Miss COED

    Rosie is a beautiful Filipino 20-year-old model currently holding it down for San Diego, CA.

  • Shalin Murphy: Miss COED

    Shalin's a huge fan of live music and really enjoys cutting up the rug in her clothing line We Live Free wherever she goes.

  • Kyla Estrada: Miss COED

    Kyla is a gorgeous 21-year-old model who's currently living and working "in the city where the heat is on" aka Miami.

  • Ali Pinell: Miss COED

    Ali Pinell is a beautiful 22-year-old model who’s making the move to NYC this fall to study dance.

  • Miss COED: Samantha Strom

    Samantha is a gorgeous 22-year-old model who's currently living in out in Fountain Valley, CA.

  • Lauren Hanley: Miss COED August 2013

    Congratulations to Lauren Hanley. Not only is she the winner of Miss COED August, she's probably been the hottest name on the web this past month.

  • Miss COED: Jess Young

    Check out Jess, the finest girl-next-door from Downington, PA below.

  • Miss COED: Kristina Labbe

    Kristina is a beautiful 25-year-old Guyanese model who's representing the wild state of Minnesota.

  • Miss COED: Maya Camille

    Maya is a beautiful 23-year-old model representing for RVA (aka Richmond, VA).

  • Miss COED: Rachel Schaefer

    Rachel is a beautiful 21-year-old blonde model currently living in Minnesota.

  • Miss COED: Lena Martinson

    Lena's a big fan of adrenaline sports and enjoys hopping on a snowboard whenever she gets the chance.

  • Who Should Be Miss COED August 2013? [PHOTOS + POLL]

    Now that the month is officially over, only one model can win the title of Miss COED August 2013.

  • Miss COED: Eva Graziano

    One of our favorite things about Eva is that she likes modeling the kinds of stuff we like looking at the most: bikini and lingerie.