WATCH: Alligator Jumping Onto Boat Makes For An Entertaining Facebook Live Stream



Tylor Hindery and his wife Emerald were vacationing in Florida. The couple from Missouri decided to go on a boat tour, and they got the surprise of a lifetime when an alligator jumped onto their boat. Watch the shocking footage below, as Tylor was streaming the tour on Facebook Live.

F*ck that noise. I’m trying to stay as far as possible from alligators in the first place, so tours like that are a no-go. That’s the risk you run when you intrude on an animal’s natural habitat. You step into the shower and you’re going to get wet. You get right in a curious gator’s face and you might end up sharing a seat with him.

Thankfully, no one got hurt in this terrifying ordeal. I still don’t understand why people keep the camera rolling in situations like this, though. If I see a goddamn alligator hop onto my boat, the last thing that I’m worried about is keeping my dipshit Facebook friends entertained. I’m not risking my safety to get a “like” from some girl that rode my middle school bus. Both Tylor and Antonio Brown need to strongly reconsider their Facebook Live habits.

Toby HastyCOED Writer
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