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Lolo Jones Vine Post: Olympic Bobsled Teams Dance-Off [VIDEO]

Dance fever continues at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Lolo Jones is all set to be on Team USA’s third sled when the competition starts on February 18th, and she’s currently serving as unofficial videographer. Lola did a fine job of going to Vine with this footage that she filmed of Bobsled Jazmine Fenlator gal getting down with a member of the ever-popular Jamaican bobsled team…

Yes, we know that it’s not as sexy as the displays by Kate Hansen–who we’ve admired dancing on balconies and on television. That kind of sexy display is more in the tradition of Michelle Jenneke and Allison Stokke. And we should probably also note that Lola Jones has put on some sexy displays herself. Anyway, this is some fun video, and it’s sure impressive that some guy from Jamaica can bust some moves on an icy surface.

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