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The Complete Allison Stokke Web-Photo Index (New Pics!)


Holy pole vaulting Jesus! Stop what you’re doing. Hold the phone. Whatever – your day is about to get a billion percent better: we’ve got over 100 never-before-seen Allison Stokke photos for your viewing pleasure! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve compiled every single photo of this University of California pole vaulter available online to create the Complete Alison Stokke Web-Photo Index, which includes all of the new pics you’ve been waiting to see.

Now, not only do you have all the photos of the hottest pole vaulter on the planet all in one place, you’ve got dozens upon dozens of new snapshots to salivate over. We’re not exactly sure what saint took all these pictures or how they got online, but to whoever’s responsible, we’d like to buy you a beer…or 100.

  • COED Writer