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Mar 21, 2017

Wyclef Jean Handcuffed After Police Mistake Him For Robbery Suspect

Early Tuesday morning, Wyclef Jean left a Los Angeles recording studio after presumably cooking up some hot fire. While at...

Nov 7, 2012

Look Everyone, It’s Wyclef Jean… I Mean Wale… I Mean Will.I.Am [VIDEO]

I'll tell you who's not standing next to you, Blake. The ODB. But seriously, I thought that all white people knew who the Black Eyed Peas were.

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Jun 13, 2011

The Miami Heat’s Post-Game Locker Room Playlist According to Twitter

Last night, the Mavs avenged their '06 Finals loss to the Heat with a decisive Game 6 victory over the Big Three in Miami for their first NBA title. It seems everyone and their Delonte West-banging mother rooted agaisnt the cHeat, painting Lebron, D-Wade, and Bosh like immature, taunting, childish, crybaby super villains. We feel Twitter is always a good measuring stick / barometer for public reaction, so it's no surprise that #heatlockerroomplaylist is trending. People are more pumped to see the Heat lose than the Mavs win. We sifted through the piles of suggestions to come up with the best of the best. Take a listen then suggest your own in the comments section below our partner links after the jump shot.

May 28, 2010

1990′s Stars: Where Are They Now?

Steve Erkle was on TV like six times daily, and Lauren Hill was the Cat's Meow and the Heir Apparent to Music royalty, but now that it's year 2010, you may be asking yourself where are some of those people? What happened? Television and radio has changed in the past ten-fifteen years. New stars have rose while other celebrities have fallen off or moved to another planet seems like. What happened to these people?

Jan 14, 2008

Latest Steroid Scandal Includes 50 Cent, Timbaland and…Mary J. Blige?

It’s pretty obvious that 50 Cent and Timbaland have most likely dabbled in various “performance-enhancing” drugs – but R&B singer...