Mar 21, 2018

Ricky Williams Gets Into The Marijuana Business — Legally

Former NFL player Ricky Williams is back in the news again for marijuana. This will not shock anyone who has...

Oct 4, 2012

This Animated Clip About Your Brain On Weed Is Best Watched After Smoking Weed [VIDEO]

This clip is fascinating stuff, I'm sure. I just can't properly judge this video because I'm not high.

Edit [10/4/23:00]: Yeah. Pretty good clip we got here.

Oct 12, 2011

Why Sexually Frustrating a Female Marijuana Plant Is A Good Thing [Weedly Column]

There’s a reason why we all lovingly refer to cannabis as Mary Jane. It’s the smokin' female plant that provides the greatest abundance of THC, located in the resin of its flowers. We've already talked about the seductive powers of Mary Jane in the human bedroom, but what about the reasons and ways that growers change the plant's sex life? In this Weedly Column, we're sitting down to give you some higher education concerning the important differences between male and female marijuana plants and how they concern potheads and growers alike. More info after the jump!

Aug 31, 2011

Cannabis Clash II: Ruderalis Vs. Afghanica [Weedly Column]

In a previous column we looked at two of our very favorite plants in the whole wide world: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. These two strains attract the typical marijuana smoker, but a leave their little cousin Cannabis Ruderalis out to dry in a ditch on the side of the road. They also forget about the original OG kush, Cannabis Afghanica. We are now shedding some light[ers] on the subject. Check out the differences after the jump.

Aug 17, 2011

Can Weed Turn You Into a SexPot? [Weedly Column]

When you think of marijuana, your brain might not immediately jump to the idea of an increased libido. While this might be because you're so stoned that your brain and the word "immediately" don't go so well together, it also might be because of the slow and lazy connotations that are often associated with the herb. Used in the proper ways and amounts, though, you just might begin to experience sex in ways you never imagined possible. Check out the how and the why to sex while high after the jump.

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Jul 27, 2011

Spliffs Notes: Your Stoner Study Guide To Making Hash [Weedly Column]

Hashish is the cannabis enthusiast’s Magnum Opus, our piece de resistance. Those who have been patient enough to make this treat know exactly what I'm talking about. And if you don't agree with me, then you simply forgot how great it was because of your short-term memory loss. Check out our helpful study tutorial to hash below.

5 Reasons For And Against The Legalization Of Marijuana

Most of us would love nothing better than to see marijuana legalized, but is it worth the trouble? We take a look at reasons for and against its decriminalization. Fair and balanced just like FOX News.

Environmentally Beneficial Truths About Marijuana

So your adoration for Miss Jane has strengthened over the years, yet you feel like since this plant is still undoubtedly criticized and misunderstood in modern society, there must be SOMETHING that is really horrible about weed… Guess again, soldier.

Apr 18, 2010

Super High: Best Weed Ever

Back in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, weed was nothing much more than some funky grass that made you feel...

Jun 12, 2008