Ricky Williams Gets Into The Marijuana Business — Legally


Former NFL player Ricky Williams is back in the news again for marijuana. This will not shock anyone who has even remotely followed the career of Williams. But, this time around he’s not smoking it but promoting the launch of his new cannabis-based wellness company.

I can’t think of a more obvious progression into the next career for Ricky Williams. If there is one thing he has made clear through his time in the spotlight, it’s that he LOVES weed. He famously retired from the NFL early in his career for multiple failed drug tests. During the short retirement stint, he went on to study holistic medicine at the California College of Ayurveda.
It has been well chronicled throughout his career that Williams has battled with anxiety and depression. He has publicly stated many times his desire to educate people on the medicinal benefits marijuana has had on him when dealing with his mental health issues. On his website, Williams claims his company is a natural extension of his work as a holistic healer.

“Cannabis has played an important part in my healing journey, and I feel a responsibility to share what I have learned in the process.” – Ricky Williams

The products RW sells is broken up into three categories Solutions, Everyday, and Sport. Solutions are vape cartridges that provide immediate help for specific issues. Everyday is for problems that are reoccurring and need daily treatment. Finally, Sport is to help the body heal quicker from physical activity. All the products contain either CBD, THC, or both. RW claims that its THC products contain a lower amount of the compound, so if you were looking to get Cheech and Chong high that probably won’t be the case with his products.
To recap the last 20+ years of Ricky Williams life: Heisman Trophy winner, top 5 NFL draft pick, All-Pro running back, advocate for mental health, and a holistic healer selling his marijuana products. Now, that’s what I call a revolutionary.


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