Aug 15, 2016

These Four NFL Stars Will Be Suspended If They Don’t Interview About PEDs

The NFL will suspend the four active players at the forefront of a PED probe- Clay Matthews, James Harrison, Julius...

Aug 4, 2013

People To Know About In The Latest MLB Juicing “Scandal” [PHOTOS]

Some exciting things are about to go down tomorrow in America’s boring sport...

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Aug 4, 2013

Watch This Jacked Dude Embarass Himself On Live TV

If you’re going to go through the trouble of having a bunch of muscles, you should be able to impress...

Jan 9, 2013

Why Barry Bonds Didn’t Make The Hall Of Fame: Before And After Steroids Pics

Today began Barry Bonds’ trip down a long and winding road that may never end at the Baseball Hall of...

Apr 10, 2012

Twitpic Tuesday: Baby Dumpsters, Egg Sausage, And A Titanic Mistake

Each Tuesday, we roam the rocky, rowdy landscape of Twitter to pluck the world’s most perfect WTF photos. Last week,...

Nov 9, 2011

5 of the Most Epic Falls From Grace In Sports

Over his 45 year tenure at Penn State, Joe Paterno has amassed over 400 wins and won more bowl games than any coach in history, including 2 national championships. But in the blink of an eye, his entire legacy has been forever tarnished. This isn’t the first time a sports figure as revered as Joe Pa has turned from hero to pariah. Check out our list of five others from the past 20 years to fall from grace seemingly overnight after the jump.

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Oct 8, 2010

Technical Foul Guideline Changes Endanger Rasheed Wallace’s Record

Who knows how many technical fouls Rasheed Wallace would have to his name had this happened while he was still playing? For those of you who didn’t hear the news, the NBA has revamped the definitions of behavior that will result in technical fouls next season. These rules were implemented to limit the following:

5 Easy Ways To Relieve Your Stress

COED has a few tips on quelling that "jump-off-a-bridge" feeling you may experience in light of returning to a full-time schedule or paying back mountains of student loans. Whatever you're dreading, keep these five ideas in mind and remember to breathe.

7 Cocky Douches That Guys Love to Hate

Guys love to hate celebrities for one stupid reason or another. Sometimes it's because our wives or girlfriends have a crush on them or sometimes it's because they're overrated, untalented nobodies who people obsesses over for no reason. Either way, we can all agree that cocky douchebags are the worst celebrities of them all, well, other than the non-celebrity celebrities (I'm talking to you, Jersey Shore). Here's a list of the cocky douches that we love to hate.

Aug 25, 2010

When Animals Juice [12 Photos]

Find your pet a little too small and wimpy for your liking? Shoot 'em up with steroids! ..except, please, don't. These pictures should convince you as to why you shouldn't turn your dog in a MLB star. Some things, like nature, should just stay natural:

Aug 11, 2010

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Jul 28, 2010

7 Ways To Tell If Your Friend Is On Steroids

Young adulthood is a time for experimentation. Careers, relationships, and state altering substances are just some of the things that are fair game. Now while I preach hugs over drugs ten times out of ten, I will say that something like steroids can be helpful for the terminally ill, injury prone, or those who suffer from a lifetime's supply of gangling awkwardness.

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Jul 13, 2010

Baseball Players Uncensored

Being that it is America's past time, it's natural that baseball is this country's most over scrutinized sport. So what happens when the pressure gets dialed up? When the spotlight shines brightest? Verbal diarrhea. Some (like George Brett) talk actual diarrhea while some are trying to protect their credibility (I still believe in you, Brian McNamee). And others? Well others are dealing with their fate as marginally good (ahem Jason Giambiahem) by calling attention to a ridiculous (ly awesome?) bit of facial hair. Luckily for us the cameras and tape recorders were rolling for a lot of these little brain farts. Thanks for the consideration, fellas.

Jun 7, 2010

7 Most Obvious Steroid Users in Baseball History (PICS)

Professional baseball players somehow manage to carry some of the most fragile, inflated egos in the sports world. Steroid users not only hold some of baseball's most prestigious and famous records, but they have the nerve to lie about it afterward, as if not wanting to get caught by Mom with their hand in the cookie jar. Swelling heads, shrinking junk, home runs, and RBIs all come together in this testosterone filled mess of a situation.

Apr 4, 2010

The 5 Best Bets for Your 2010 MLB Steroid Pool

As a new baseball season is upon us, its time to make your bets on the next MLB Player to get caught with his hand in the needle jar. Here are 5 safe bets that can have you cleaning out your friends’ piggy banks.

Aug 18, 2009

7 Juice-less MLB Players Content with Mediocrity

In this day and age of just about every adequate baseball player in the world being outed as horrible, sinful steroid users, you can’t go to a game without wondering if the player you’re rooting for is enhancing his performance with something. Luckily, there’s a whole slew of ballplayers who leave no doubt as to whether or not they’ve ever taken steroids; odds are they never lifted a weight in their lives either.

Jul 12, 2009

Brock Lesnar Acted Like a Classless Punk

Hey Brock, you are not in the WWE anymore. You are not fighting Papa Shongo. You, in one night, set the MMA world back 10 years. Brock is everything that no one wanted to see in MMA, a big burly white trash over-steroided douchebag who has no respect for the discipline and sport of martial arts.

May 9, 2009

Top 5 Future Superstar Hitters Of The MLB

With the Alex Rodriguezs, Ken Griffey Jrs, and Manny Ramirezs of the league getting up in age, it is now time for COED to preview the top five future superstar hitters that are still 25 years old or younger. These are the guys sure to make headlines for years to come. Now, if we can just keep them off the juice...

May 8, 2009

Introducing The MLB Performance-Enhanced All-Star Team

On Wednesday, Los Angeles Dodgers’ star Manny Ramirez was notified of a 50 game suspension after testing positive for a banned substance. With that in mind, COED takes a look at the best performance-enhanced players at each position in baseball history (well…that we know of at least).

May 7, 2009

50 Better Ways Manny Ramirez Could’ve Blown $7.7 Million

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Manny Ramirez was just busted for failing a performance-enhancing drug test. As a result, Man-Ram received a 50 game suspension effective immediately. Aside from totally screwing over the Dodgers, Manny's absence will cost him roughly $7.7 million. So just to rub in the sheer stupidity of his actions, we've decided to throw together a list of 50 ways he could have better blown that cash.

Jan 16, 2009

Will These 6 Steroid Era Baseball Stars Get Into The Hall of Fame?

Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were recently elected into the baseball Hall of Fame. But for the third year in a row Mark McGwire failed to gain entry into Cooperstown. The Hall has a way of snubbing some of it's greatest players, just look at Bert Blyleven who sits at #5 on the career strikeout list for pitchers with 3,701, but has yet to get elected after 11 years of eligibility.

Jun 24, 2008

An Open Letter to TLC

Dear TLC, I realize you’re attached to your name. TLC stands for the ‘The Learning Channel’ and you take a...

Jun 6, 2008

Complete Video of Last Night’s Red Sox Brawl

Complete Video of Last Night’s Red Sox Brawl …And The Number One Reason NOT to Get WiiFit! Lunar Dust Concrete...

Jan 14, 2008

Latest Steroid Scandal Includes 50 Cent, Timbaland and…Mary J. Blige?

It’s pretty obvious that 50 Cent and Timbaland have most likely dabbled in various “performance-enhancing” drugs – but R&B singer...

Dec 23, 2007

Roger Clemens Addresses Steroid Allegations… Finally

It has been 2 weeks since George Mitchell released his scathing report that accused Roger Clemens (and many others) of...

Dec 15, 2007

Infectious Behavior: You Gave Me What?

When you bring home a one-night stand from the local bar, or even step barefoot into a dorm shower, you...

Dec 12, 2007

The “Mitchell Report” Has Leaked!

  • UPDATE 12.13.07 1:15 PM – For the REAL List click here. Senator George J. Mitchell’s “Mitchell Report” on...

Sep 21, 2007

Sports Lineup: News Flash – The Mets Blow!

News Flash: The Mets blow! (ESPN) Take steroids hit home runs…did we really need a physicist to break this down?...

Aug 8, 2007

Is Barry Bonds a Cheater? Let’s Ask People on the Street!

Every sports fan has an opinion on whether of not Barry Bonds is a cheater. Watch ESPN’s media blitz for...

Jul 14, 2007

Lenny “Nails” Dykstra

Lenny Dykstra stood at a staggering 5’10 and weighed in at 167lbs at the peak of his career. A small...

Jun 27, 2007

Chris Benoit is just another statistic in an alarming new trend

Yeah, yeah by now we all know that Chris Benoit was an enormous psycho. The guys smothered his 7 year...