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Mar 9, 2015

Sam Simon, Co-Creator of ‘Simpsons,’ Dies at 59

Sam Simon, co-creator of comedic sitcom The Simpsons, has died. He was 59. Simon passed away after a long battle...

Oct 4, 2013

Simpsons New Halloween Special Couch Gag Directed By Guillermo del Toro Is Incredible [VIDEO]

Let’s be honest with ourselves, The Simpsons hasn’t been great in well over a decade. During the ’90’s it could...

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May 6, 2013

Hey ‘Simpsons’ Fans, Did You Know ‘McBain’ Is Actually A Full Movie Hidden In Multiple Episodes?

McBain: The Full Movie – watch more funny videos If you put the miniature “McBain” clips from the various episodes...

Jul 28, 2012

Ralphisms from the Simpsons and the Video of the Day

Who is the most “special” character on The Simpsons? It would have to be Ralph Wiggum. (“It taste like burning.”)...

Mar 26, 2011

Very Creepy “Los Simpsons” Sketch [VIDEO]

There's a damn good reason why no one at Fox Broadcasting has ever given the thumbs up to a live action version of The Simpsons that stayed true to the anatomy of the characters- it's scientifically impossible and the amount of nightmares such a thing would deliver is inconceivable... but a Mexican sketch-comedy program has defied nature and opened up a Pandora's Box upon an unsuspecting audience. This is what happens when you accidentally hit "SAP" on your television remote while watching The Simpsons on LSD! I don't know what's more frightening: the doll-like, lifeless stare of their buggy eyes or seeing a man painted yellow dressed as Marge struggling to walk in a dress. Watch this video monstrosity for yourself and pray something like this never happens to Futurama!

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Apr 13, 2009

50 Simpsons Mistakes

50 Simpsons' MistakesLucky Chimp!Lauren Pope Is All Boobs and Blond • Most Insane Basketball Shot Ever! • Would You Eat Zac Efron's Foot? • Toganga Lawrence Needs Jenny Craig

Black Keys “I Got Mine” Video Will Rock Your A** Off

This Black Keys “I Got Mine” Video Will Rock Your A** Off! Hayden Panettiere Wearing A Muzzle – S&M Is...

Oct 3, 2008