4/20 Television: Top 5 Stoners In TV History




Since tomorrow is 4/20, I felt it was only appropriate that I provide a list of the very best television stoners. For this list I thought hard about the very best stoners television had to offer, from their personality and character. After much consideration and movement around of characters, I feel as though this list has the premiere stoners that fans have fallen in love with through the years. There were some characters that I have removed from this list because they are not confirmed to be stoners, but their behavior says otherwise, for example, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and Spongebob and Patrick. These characters could have easily made this list, but the marijuana smoking was just not there.

South Park: Towelie


The first character of this list is a South Park fan favorite, Towelie. His name says it all; he’s a towel, a towel that smokes weed. This this is the perfect stoner character because he is so outrageous that to think of him, you probably had to of been high. He represents a stoner through actions, his comebacks, and his overall demeanor. Towelie is hysterical, and every time he is on the television screen he is so fun to watch and is sure to make any stoner proud.
Towelie enjoys getting high practically every day, even in public which leads him to eventually work at a marijuana dispensary. The sad part of Towelie is that he is in fact, addicted to marijuana and when he runs out he becomes irritable and nasty to those around him which is pretty fun to watch. He still has a lot to learn about life since he is only 17 in towel years and fans all hope he finds his place in the world. Though Towelie is a stereotype of stoners, he has captured the fans hearts and had landed himself on this list.

Family Guy: Brian


Second on the list is everyone’s favorite weed smoking dog, Brian. Brian has been a staple of the Family Guy television show for years, and as many fans know, he is a massive advocate for marijuana. As someone knows smokes a lot of pot Brian understands the benefits of it and in turn, greatly advocates its use which is shown through his various protests for weed. Brian also has a fantastic song named “Bag of Weed” in which he had a number people sing along with him in unison through the town of Quahog.
Brian is not your average stoner, he is very successful and even has a book out. Though he is only a dog, he has a human son, who has had a lot of personal problems in his past. Through smoking together and bonding Brian was finally able to break through to his son, in which the degenerate son turned his life around. Brian shows how a person (or dog) can smoke weed, and not have it negatively affect his life.

Simpsons: Otto Mann


One of the original cartoon stoners, Otto Mann from the Simpsons has paved the way for funny and lovable stoners on television. Otto Mann has been around for years with his stoner activities. Though not a show regular, Otto has made a name for himself in the Simpson fandom through his multiple acts of drug use that has gotten himself into some predicaments. Otto Mann is an underachiever whos the primary job is a school bus driver as well as occasionally working some low paying manual labor jobs.
Otto is a character that represents the late 90s stoner who listens to heavy metal music and uses words like “dude” and “man.” Otto has been seen several times smoking weed, including once with Homer Simpson. Though a stereotype, Otto is a lovable character that has been a staple in stoner television and looked like will remain that for a long time after.

That 70s Show: Hyde


That 70s Show obviously is set to take place in the 70s where marijuana use is at an all-time high, and the show is sure to represent its authenticity. While most of the characters are young and shown to smoke weed in almost every episode, Hyde is the one character that comes across as a real “stoner” and not someone who occasionally smokes.
Hyde is a rocker who does not agree with “The Man,” society, or religion which is the quintessential mindset and attitude for the stoners of the 70s. His laid-back attitude and demeanor represent the 70s stoner mentality as well. While high Hyde also has the best quotes from any stoner on television with lines like, “I would be so mad at you if I could feel anger right now” as well as ” Dude I can’t close my mouth…Its freaking me out man”. Hyde’s character makes the show what it is, and without him, it would not be nearly entertaining.

Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman


The only character on this list that isn’t part of a comedy, Jesse is a character who shows the life of someone who is a stoner, who took the lifestyle too far in which resulted in himself getting into some horrible situations. Jesse is considered a stoner because of the presence of weed is prominent in his life and through the series.
This series dives much deeper into the mindset of someone who is a stoner, much more than many other television shows. While the character of stoners is usually portrayed as funny, Breaking Bad portrays the characters as much more. It makes Jesse a real person with his motivations and backstory in which it makes you want to root for him. Jesse leaves the viewer with more of a personal connection with him than many other characters do.

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