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Oct 27, 2016

There Are Now Apparently Robot Gynecologists And Yup, The World Is Coming To An End

First, cars start driving themselves, and now robots can perform complex medical surgeries. And of all of the forms of...

Jun 30, 2016

Stanford Student Created A Robot Lawyer Whose Sole Purpose Is To Fight Parking Tickets

  Joshua Browder has done God’s work: he has created a robot that will fight your parking tickets for you....

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Dec 15, 2013

NASA Just Built A Robot That Looks Like Iron Man [VIDEO]

This is the robot that will eventually turn against us or defend us against the other robots that will eventually...

May 6, 2013

Robot Legs Helps an Adorable, Abandoned Dog Be an Awesome Dog

Cat owners may believe that just because they’ve chosen to live with animals that have more natural attitude than a...

Jan 8, 2013

This Robot Band Is Better Than Your Band [VIDEO]

Though to be fair to your band, your drummer doesn’t have 4 arms and a midget-robot-side-drummer to handle to the...

Nov 27, 2012

Skynet Takes Another Step Forward As Robots Learn To Catch And Re-toss Grenades [VIDEO]

The world is going to end sooner than we’d like–the only question is how. If homosexuals, weather, or Juggalos don’t...

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May 9, 2012

How To Survive A Robot Uprising [VIDEO]

Zombies and vampires aren’t very likely to actually come and kill you, but you’re not going to be so lucky...

The Craziest Video You’ll See Ever! [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what mentally insane people see everytime they close their eyes, ones that have watched way too much bad television and movies? Well you get this - 10 minutes of what happens when you put a collection of unlabeled VHS tapes into a blender and watch the resulting phantasmagoria of chaos. We have absolutely no idea why this video was made or the purpose it serves mankind, but believe us when we say this: once you start watching, you can't stop - no matter how psychedelically freaky it gets! See this video oddity for yourself... if losing your mind isn't that big of a deal for you.

Mar 21, 2011

Robot Unicorn Addiction

The world's gayest sounding video game is catching on with a lot of college kids. In this personal journal entry from one of our writers, you'll see what made him fall down the rabbit hole. Pretty soon, you might, too. Just make sure you hold on to that subscription to Playboy.

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Aug 7, 2010

Sexual Robolution: Sex Robots

This seems like a flashback to Lars and the Real Girl, but bear with me: First there was the blow-up doll- pretty much a hyped up air mattress with three glory holes for any man's pleasure. Then there was the Real Doll sex doll- sort of feels like real skin, and they are eerily lifelike- somewhat impressive. But all of that is nothing compared to the this...TrueCompanion recently introduced Roxxxy TrueCompanion, the world's first sex robot (yes you read that correctly, a sex robot).

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May 27, 2010

The 10 Most Badass Women of Hollywood

Gone are the days when men would rule the "tough guy" roles in film. More and more women have made their way into the leading roles where strength and tenacity are key. These women have fought everything from zombies to psychotic murderers, all while bringing class and hotness to the screen. These are the truly badass women of Hollywood and it's time they get some recognition.

Jul 9, 2007

Home Run Derby Tonight – So Here Are Some Unorthodox Baseball Videos

In honor of the All Star events coming up, starting tonight with the home run derby, here are some awesome...